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Abhaneri Step Well: A Short Trip from Jaipur

Abhaneri is a village in near Bandikui Dausa district of Rajasthan state in India. Jaipur to Abhaneri distance is 95 km. The place is famous for the two attractions: Chand Baori step well and Harshat Mata Temple. The village of Abhaneri was originally named Abha Nagri, meaning "city of brightness,". The village is established between the city of Bandikui and the town of Sikandra that lies on the Jaipur-Agra highway. The village converted into ruins, but still this can be seen by thousand of tourist and travelers every year and large number of people comes here.

Abhaneri Step Well Day tour from Jaipur
Abhaneri Step Well A Short Trip from Jaipur

History - Abhaneri is known for its 'Baori' or step well which was discovered by the natives to yield rain water. The Baori was used as a cool place of retreat and as a water source/reservoir during drained times of the year. Chand Baori vestige one of India's deepest and largest stepwells.

It was a rite to wash hands and feet at the Chand Baori before entering the Harshat Mata Temple. Harshat Mata Temple is dedicated to goddess Harshat Mata. Harshat Mata is considered to be the goddess of delight and enjoyment. According to myth, the goddess is always cheerful, and she allow her joy and happiness to the whole village.

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