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Day Trip To Samode In Rajasthan : Top 4 Tourist Attractions in Samode

Samode is a small town in Jaipur, Rajasthan, which belonged to the landlords known as ‘zamindars’ (in Hindi language) of the principal thakurs of the state of Amber. Distance between Jaipur and Samode 45 Km. If we talk about tourism then Samode Palace, Samode Haveli and Samode Bagh are the important attraction in samode. Specially Hotel Samode Palace, one of the best heritage hotels of Samode to witness the amenity of a bygone era. Geographically, the three places and the village of Samode and its structures are in the ancient hill range of the Aravalli Range in north-western India. There are various tourists destination in Samode like Samode palace, gardens, forts, temples, old water wells, chhatris, old gates etc.

Day Trip To Samode In Rajasthan - Top 4 Tourist Attractions in Samode

Top 4 Places to visit in Samode

Samode Palace:

The Samode Palace is located 40 kilometers north of Jaipur city. Samode Palace was initially built in the sixteenth century as a Rajput fort, but in the early 19th century, under the nobleman Rawal Berisal, it was converted from a fort into an exquisitely designed palace in Rajput and Muslim architectural style. It is a wonderful architectural marvel and the walls of this palace are beautifully painted with the designs flowers, animals and of birds.

​Samode Bagh:

Samode Bagh or garden, a 16th-century Mughal style garden, enclosed by a 15 feet high wall is spread over an area of 20 acres. It also has 44 sandbank colored tents with air-conditioning to accommodate visitors. It blends traditional Rajasthan and Mughal decor with the Victorian style, with modern facilities.

Samode Village:

Samode Village, Its small and beautiful village of Samode. Famous for its fort, wall paintings and haveli. Samode Village is located around 40 kilometers away from Jaipur and is on the road to Shekhawati. Samode village gives you the opportunity to see the local culture and best place for photography also. During evening, you can find folk performances like dance, music and musical instrument plays for tourists.

Samode Fort:

The fort standing like a sentinel on a hilltop, the Samode fort is one of the prime tourist attractions in the village of Samode in Rajasthan. Samode fort was used for lodging by rawals, as a lot of heritage nowadays its converted into hotel for tourist. Its a best example for mugal architecture and craftsmanship in fort.

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